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The Protestant Office for Couple and Family Counseling

Couple Counselling

Most couples are faced with challenges and obstacles in their life, some are natural and foreseeable cycles, like entering a committed relationship, the birth of a child, adolescence, their leaving the nest, retirement…; some are less foreseeable, like an illness, unemployment, infidelity, separation, death…

In times of crisis it can be helpful, even necessary to look for help, support or guidance. OPCCF offers a safe and respectful environment for you to:

Share your difficulties with a professional, face a painful situation and come to understand the ins and outs of it, take stock, make choices, clarify your goals, use your resources, shift position, improve your parenting skills and be accompanied during a process of grieving or, if such is the case, of separation.

Couple Counselling is the most useful when both partners are present, but if it is not possible, it is always better to come alone than not to come at all.

Counselling sessions are open to anyone regardless of nationality, religion or income, to all partners whether gay, married or not, previously divorced, with or without children.

Couple Counselling is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Family mediation

When both partners agree on a separation, family mediation can help them to reach an agreement and deal with the concrete organization of their new life, maintain a flow of communication between them, avoid an escalation of the conflict and negotiate reasonable arrangements about residence, custody, finances, etc…

Sessions of family mediation need the presence of both partners and are charged according to the couples joint income starting at CHF 160.- per 1h30 session.

Sessions of family mediation are available in English, French, Dutch, Italian and German.

The Protestant Office for Couple and Family Counselling is a semi-private institution, financed partly by clients’ contributions for their counselling or mediation sessions, the Protestant Church of Geneva, the State of Geneva and through public and private donations.

Counselling sessions (1 hour) are charged cash according to clients’ income, on a sliding fee schedule ranging from CHF 30.- to 200.- and are due unless cancelled with a 48 hour notice.

The OPCCF also offers Children’s groups (in French) for children whose parents are either separated or divorced.

The secretariat answers your calls Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 noon and from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm at number 022/311.82.11.


The Institut d’Etudes du Couple et de la Famille, IECF, is part of OPCCF and organizes training courses and seminars, in French, for professionals in the helping relation, www.iecf.ch.

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